Tired of feeling like what you do doesn’t count? Or weary of wishing you could change things about your life?


You’re in the right place.

I’d give you the overused “grab a cup of coffee/tea and stay awhile” line, but if you’re anything like me (a wife, a first-time-mom-trying-to-figure-out-all-this-baby-stuff, a wannabe writer, or any of the above), I doubt you have the time! In fact, you’ll probably get interrupted a few times, before you actually finish reading the page, because you’ve got a meal to prep, laundry to move, or a kiddo to tend to. But that’s what this blog is about: finding beauty in the busyness, peace amidst pressure, and loving life right where you are. I invite you to enjoy the journey with me.

The Blog

This blog has started on a bit of a dare I got from a book. I write especially for newlyweds, and new or soon-to-be moms. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel lost in the shuffle of this big, wide world, when our days are dominated by dishes, to-do lists, and dirty diapers.

You want to make a difference. But sometimes, you begin to feel like, well…what you do is just not as important as what everyone else is doing.

This blog doesn’t shy away from the fact that those feelings are real, and that they take their toll. But what you will find here is a hope clinging to truth: yes…what you do does matter, every single day.

I hope to offer you big doses of encouragement, and simple thoughts to ponder, right in the middle of the diapers and dishes. In addition, I’m planning on sending out a weekly newsletter on Thursdays. I’ll be sharing very simple, very specific, action steps that busy, tired wives and moms can take, to make a big difference in a small way. I will also notify you of any new posts I’ve written.

The Author

I’m Amanda, wife to the love-of-my-life, David, mommy to a precious baby I’ll call the Jungle Boy (yes, there’s a story there), and a grace-dependent, grace-desperate follower of Christ.

{I’d just like to add a note to any non-religious readers that have happened upon this page: I’m a believer in Jesus, and it defines me from the inside out. But if you’re not, I still welcome you. Seriously. So, stick around! You never know; it could be interesting.}

I think this is the part where I tell you what my likes and dislikes are. Ahem. I love thick, actual paper-and-ink books, afternoon coffee while the rain is falling, open windows, and dates with my husband. {Full disclosure: these days “dates” qualify as anything done together with no kiddo along, such as grocery shopping.} I detest stink bugs, mispronunciation of the words “sepulcher” and “nuclear”, and forgetting to grab all the laundry when I start a load.

The Journey

Like anyone else, I have good days, and bad days. And an occasional very, very bad day. What I’m learning, however, is that the so-called good or bad days are good or bad because of how I am viewing them. And I am seeking to choose to view each day as the True Gift that it is.

Together, all these days make up my one, small, messy life. It’s a little one. But I sincerely believe that my God has a purpose to accomplish through my One Little Life, and that it can make a difference. And, yours can, too.

I’ve struggled with even beginning this writing adventure, because even while preparing my first posts, I’ve been hit with days that seemed to mock every word I was trying to put out. I’ll tell you this–I like my home neat, but I have a messy heart.

The good news? My God specializes in cleaning up messes, and really, I’m beginning to think that having life “all together” isn’t actually why we’re here.

Let’s make every day count, and love the life we’ve been given.