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I wanted to share with you a fantastic teaching/learning resource that I just found. It’s a series of videos available on a YouTube channel called The Bible Project. This team has created several different series of videos, all with one thing in mind: everything in the Bible points to Jesus.

They have produced a “Read Through the Bible” series that combines excellent illustrations with a voiceover of all that is taking place in the section of Scripture being covered. This series goes book by book, and what I really appreciate is the fact that their goal is to prepare you to actually read the book for yourself.

The videos are quality stuff. The illustrations are detailed, but not distracting. The narration is simple, yet thorough, and doesn’t skip the “hard stuff.” For instance, the whole “sons of God” debate about the opening verses of Genesis 6? They deal with it, acknowledging that there are different beliefs about it, and giving a couple options. It’s also perfectly appropriate for the entire family.

And, besides being a fantastic refresher + overview of whatever book being discussed, there’s always the possibility of learning something new! For me, when watching the video on Genesis, Part 1, I was introduced to a thought I’d never considered regarding Adam and Eve’s sudden compulsion to cover up after disobeying God’s command about taking the fruit. Being unclothed with one’s spouse is one of the most vulnerable and trusting places to be in.They had just chosen to distrust God; how could they possibly still trust each other? Perhaps this was part of their desperate desire to clothe themselves.

I haven’t seen all the videos in this series yet, but if things continue as they have begun, I will definitely be adding this to my arsenal of Bible teaching tools.

Here’s the first video in this series.

The Bible Project also has several animated series on the different divisions of the Bible. I watched one of the videos at random–Ecclesiastes, in the Wisdom series. Ecclesiastes is no picnic. I figured, if they do this one well, they’ve got something. I was not disappointed. They explained the big picture concepts of the book, identified the different speakers, delved into the original language, used great visual artistry, and did it all without being overwhelming. In less than six minutes. Yeah. Like I said, pretty impressive!

You can check out that video here.


Their channel also has other videos of behind-the-scenes work, Q&A sessions, and animations explaining different Biblical themes, like atonement and the image of God. Overall, I’m pretty excited about this resource and looking forward to using it in our family in the future.

On the Bible Project website, they also have a reading plan and a podcast. Check it out!


{Ahem. Just a couple of notes that I feel are necessary. First, I have not investigated the theology held by the producers of these videos, but the content speaks for itself. Perhaps there are things we would disagree on, but I’m simply using the tools they’re providing–not joining a church. Secondly, I would never want anyone to even get the faintest inkling that these videos could or should substitute for solid personal Bible reading and study. Just like anything else, they are a supplement, not a replacement. Hope you enjoy!}

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