Any home can be a castle when the King and Queen are in love.

This saying is close to my heart. Besides being just plain sweet, it's a helpful reminder to me, whenever I feel like complaining about where I live--whether it's a tent in the jungles of Africa, or in a 300 square foot travel trailer--that homemaking is more about making wherever you are a haven for your family, not just fixing up a house. I'm bumbling my way through that whole concept, and I also have a very practical bent, so expect to find here a mix of:

  • useful tips I've discovered on the nuts-and-bolts part of homemaking
  • resources for family life
  • a good dose of the philosophy that says, "home is about people, not things."

Lately, in CastleLife. . .

  • How to Turn “Turkey Day” Back Into “Thanksgiving”

    How to Turn “Turkey Day” Back Into “Thanksgiving”

      As a holiday, Thanksgiving seems to become less and less visible each year. Between the marketing that focuses completely on The Food, and getting smashed in the middle of Christmas and what-has-now-become-the-Halloween-season, Thanksgiving has, by default, really just become the front runner for Black Friday. We could argue about who is to blame for…Keep Reading »
  • 9 Things I Love About My Little Home

    9 Things I Love About My Little Home

    Our little family has lived in a little travel trailer for just over a year now. Our accommodations consist of a bedroom–approximately big enough for a bed, though being able to walk around its perimeter is a test in balancing skills–a bathroom, and a combination kitchen-dining-nursery-living room, all in about 300 square feet. It’s been…Keep Reading »
  • The Bible Project – Resource

    The Bible Project – Resource

    I wanted to share with you a fantastic teaching/learning resource that I just found. It’s a series of videos available on a YouTube channel called The Bible Project. This team has created several different series of videos, all with one thing in mind: everything in the Bible points to Jesus. They have produced a “Read…Keep Reading »
  • Minimalism, Cozy Style.

    Minimalism, Cozy Style.

    So apparently there’s this thing called “cozy minimalism” that is being talked about in the blogosphere.   I had never heard of it until I ran across a post on said subject. I quickly realized that yes, this was my category. (Woohoo, now people can label me and put me in a definitive box! Yippee!)…Keep Reading »