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There's a song that talks about "grace unmeasured, boundless, free." That's the kind of grace God gives to me...and I need it desperately, daily. This is a place to explore more of that grace, to embrace our need for it, and grow in giving it away to others.

Lately, in GraceLife. . .

  • Prayer Basics – Where I’m starting and What I’m Learning

    Prayer Basics – Where I’m starting and What I’m Learning

    For a long time, now, I’ve still felt that there was something I was missing, something I needed to learn and understand about prayer. Technically, I guess, we’re supposed to be learning about it all our lives…but I’ve felt like I really needed to step back and make sure I was understanding the basics. Now,…Keep Reading »
  • How to Love the Life You Live

    How to Love the Life You Live

      "Live the life you love." We've all seen that quippy little quote floating around, on inspirational internet images, or wall decor at the coffee shop. I don't know about you, but as a newlywed and a first-time mommy, I sort of snort internally when I read it. (If this is one of your favorite…Keep Reading »
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