You could say we like books. You could also count the number of boxes we have {currently in storage} containing nothing but books, and prove it. Here is where I share my recent reads and old favorites with you.

Lately, in BookLife . . .

  • Personalities in Love – Book Review

    Personalities in Love – Book Review

    I heard about this book on a blog I follow, and was intrigued. I ordered a used copy on Amazon for under $5. My husband and I read it together, over the course of several long car rides, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Donna Partow’s style is highly entertaining, and we shared some good laughs over…Keep Reading »
  • Wild At Heart – Book Review

    Wild At Heart – Book Review

      I picked up this gem at a thrift store for a buck fifty.  I figured, when I saw the volume’s subtitle, “Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul,” that with a husband to love and a son to raise, I didn’t have much to lose. After reading the first chapter earlier in the week…Keep Reading »